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RC 21 Notes

Identity Theft - A Differnt Concern

The breach at Anthem has raised new concerns about how identity theives can hijack your health insurance, and in the process lock you out of your own health coverage and leave you responsible your medical bills that you did not incur.



Demand Justice for NYS Farmworkers

All the work-place rights that we enjoyed during our in-service careers are denied to the men and women who work on our farms to grow and harvest the food that we eat.  Find out what you can do to redress this travesty.


NYSUT & Retirees

While there are 220,000+ active in-service members of NYSUT, there are 190,000+ retirees.  Meet the 23 retirees who are members of NYSUT's Retiree Advisory Committee and the 4 retirees who represent us on NYSUT's Board of Directors.


Medicare & Skilled Nursing Home Rehab Services

Under current Medicare law, only patients admitted to a hospital for three days of inpatient care qualify for skilled nursing home rehabilitation services.  BUT if you were to be in the hospital under observation status for three days, you would NOT qualify because you have not satisfied the three day inpatient minimum.  Senator Chuck Schumer has introduced a bill in Congress to change that.


Legislative Update

Information about New York State's recently adopted budget.  Key points include additional support for education and continued reimbursement of Income Related Medicare Adjustment for retirees.


NYSUT moves 'South'

Many NYSUT retirees move to Florida to enjoy warm weather all year round.  Now there is an opportunity for transplanted New Yorkers to stay active in their union.  A number of NYSUT chapters have been established throughout the state of Florida.  NYSUT members can attend these meetings to keep abreast of what is happening in the field of education, especially with regard to their new home -- Florida.  To stay an active NYSUT member one must maintain their membership in their respective New York State retiree chapter and retiree council.


Testing to the Extreme

You have all read articles or heard stories about how the pressures of educational testing have changed the tenor of our schools.  Even kindergartners must sit at their tables and fill-in bubbles on answer sheets to prove that learning is going on in their classroom.  Here is a story of how absurd this emphasis on standardized tests can be.


Social Security

How to answer critics who characterize Social Security as an 'entitlement' and want to cut benefits to balance the federal budget.


Affordable Care Act Implementation Timeline for 2013