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This is our moment

We knew this moment was coming.

Wealthy special interests have been fighting for years to undercut unions and roll back the benefits earned by working families. Today’s Supreme Court decision in Janus vs. AFSCME shows how far they are willing to go to attack working families. Anti-union forces think they can seize this opportunity to convince our members to abandon our union in an effort to diminish their voice in the workplace and weaken their strength at the bargaining table.

We are going to prove them wrong.

NYSUT fights to protect the collective bargaining rights that help secure higher wages, quality health care and a secure retirement for our members and their families. They know that strong unions provide our members a voice in the workplace and in the halls of power.

We have fought long and hard to protect our brothers and sisters in the labor movement, and we are not going to back down now. Our movement is stronger than ever. We are committed to working like never before to encourage every member to stick with our union.

If you haven’t already done so, contact your local president to sign your re-enrollment card.  And I hope you will take a minute to visit to help fight to preserve our voice, our values and our union.

This is our moment.  I am confident that, together, we will rise to it.

In solidarity,

Andrew Pallotta

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